Bored of sitting around at home and wasting your time? How about spending 9 days in the Swiss Alps, working with like-minded peers on an innovative solution to an entrepreneurial challenge instead? What sounds like an opportunity too good to be true is actually this year’s edition of InCube Challenge – and it’s very real!

This year’s InCube Challenge, which will take place from September 14th – 18th 2020, is an international competition, where students from a diverse background spend five days together in order to come up with innovative solutions to an entrepreneurial challenge. In light of the current Covid-19 crisis, the organisers of this exclusive event decided to take a different approach to this year’s challenge. Instead of using glass cubes spread across an urban cityscape as the event space – which was customary in past editions – participants will be staying in mountain huts in the Swiss alps.

Students tackle entrepreneurial challenge

Over the course of five days, InCube Alpine Edition will help students work on solving real world challenges. Over the course of the event, the participants will develop a deep understanding of the challenge, ideate solutions and create a prototype. At the final event, each team of 5 students pitches their solution in front of a live audience and jury where only one will win the grand prize.

More than just an event

In addition, OutCube will take place 4 days before the challenge and will provide participants with an opportunity to get to know each other, build strong teams and enable them to expand their knowledge through workshops with innovation experts, academics, and entrepreneurs.
Selected participants will also have access to PrepCube, a new online program that will teach them the fundamental tools for entrepreneurial thinking such as negotiation, creativity, or problem solving. 
After the end of the challenge, InCube brings the participants‘ ideas to life via their programme PostCube. After the final event they provide the participants with the resources to transform their idea from a prototype to a viable startup.

Be part of the challenge!

Sounds fun to you? To enter this challenge, make sure to clear your schedule from September 10th to 18th and apply for the InCube Challenge Alpine Edition. That’s it! Closing date for applications is June 15th 2020.

You will be met by highly motivated peers, which are just as eager to acquire new knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship as you. It is an extremely enriching experience to team up with other students from different backgrounds and tackle a real life challenge. To quote one of last year’s participants: „InCube is not a classic business game, it’s above all a human experience!“

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