The Trip Boutique partners up with VisitOSLO

As the travel industry is facing troubling times, innovative solutions are needed more than ever. Due to the current situation, demands and needs of travel companies and travellers are changing. The Swiss startup ‚The Trip Boutique‚ helps fulfil the needs of both sides with their personalised travel itineraries.
Now they have launched a partnership with VisitOSLO, adding the Norwegian capital to their range of partner cities. We get all the inside information on this exciting new partnership from the startup’s CEO Fernanda Barrence. 

How did you get the idea to launch a cooperation?

The travel landscape has been changing rapidly, especially in light of the current situation, and travel-focused companies must redefine their role and the meaning of marketing to stay relevant and address travellers‘ growing need to experience the destination of their choice as short-term citizens.

We at The Trip Boutique have been working on solutions to help these companies develop new models that will proactively address visitors’ and locals’ demands for authentic experiences suited to their individual interests. We have embarked on a journey together with VisitOSLO, the city’s official marketing organisation, to deliver this type of personalised service. 

We think long-term and want to test innovative methods such as The Trip Boutique’s to prepare for a post-pandemic world, in which travelers will be looking for more guidance and better quality in their travels“, says Anne-Signe Fagereng, Director of Marketing at VisitOSLO.

How are these two organizations benefitting from this cooperation?

Both organisations are benefitting from an innovative and collaborative way to engage potential visitors during a difficult time. In particular, for VisitOSLO, we can highlight that we enhance their content with a smart modern solution to reach clients and showcase their city in a personalised and authentic way. We also provide them with better visitor insights and, in a post-pandemic world in which travellers will be looking for more guidance and better quality in their travels, we help increase visitors’ satisfaction – more satisfied visitors tend to stay longer. For The Trip Boutique, it was an amazing opportunity to expand our B2B product to DMOs (Destination Management Organisations) and to add VisitOSLO’s qualified local experts as contributors to our site.

The Trip Boutique

What was the biggest challenge of this cooperation so far? And what were the biggest learnings?

The Trip Boutique is set-up in a way that makes it easy to onboard partners like VisitOSLO, and since VisitOSLO was also well-prepared, so far this cooperation has been really smooth. It was also great to see how a startup and an established company can cooperate and find synergies and benefit from each others‘ experiences and knowledge. The main challenge for travel-related companies in general is, of course, the current situation in travel. Nonetheless, both VisitOSLO and The Trip Boutique saw an opportunity to prepare for the future and engage with prospective travellers who may be stuck at home looking for an outlet for their wanderlust as well as planning for future trips.

Did you witness any cultural differences in the way each party works? 

We found that the company culture of our two teams was quite similar – open to experiment, direct and to the point, proactive and flexible. Also, because both parties were motivated and enthusiastic about the opportunity to offer a new kind of service for Oslo visitors and locals, our interactions were full of positive and fun discussions. The VisitOSLO team was a joy to work with and we felt lucky to collaborate with them. Of course, the best moment was when we pulled the trigger and went live – the resulting activities and positive feedback have been very fulfilling.

Have you already gotten first reviews from travellers about the Oslo itineraries?

There was a surge in user activity as soon as the launch was announced. We quickly started receiving positive feedback and validation of our recommendations from satisfied users – including Oslo locals – for the itineraries. Some clients have given us helpful suggestions on additional functionality that they would like to see – this is something that we are keenly interested in because we can use it for the continuous improvement of our offering. We’ve also been approached by a number of DMOs and similar entities who are interested in launching our service on their sites.


About The Trip Boutique

The Trip Boutique is an award-winning Swiss travel-tech company focused on AI-based personalisation of travel experiences. By innovatively combining AI with human expertise, The Trip Boutique has built a suite of proprietary tools and a matching technology to identify the hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, activities, attractions and experiences in a destination that best fit each client’s interests, lifestyle and tastes. A custom-made travel itinerary is designed and delivered to each traveler, so they can enjoy the luxury of a personal travel advisory service at their fingertips. 

You can find out more about The Trip Boutique and CEO Fernanda Barrence here.

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